Online news distribution, your text, images, audio and video - 24/7

Our world-class flagship Online Newsroom is a deadline-oriented media relations website. Designed to connect you with working media, it can also be linked to other sites for wider distribution of your message.

Our Online Newsroom rolls the best of all the technologies we have to offer into one. These powerful multimedia databases offer a comprehensive user management system, that allows you to tailor your offerings for selected individuals. Social media integration is another vital component to a comprehensive Online Newsroom.

An Online Newsroom organises and delivers your information in a format preferred by media. We can even deliver your messages in a variety of different languages. Wieck Australasia takes the guesswork out of media relations. We completely manage the site so you can focus on the message itself.

You decide what information to present to the media, and our Online Newsroom will deliver it. Your Online Newsroom is configured to suit the individual needs and budget of your organisation. You only pay for the things you need. not for the things you don’t.