In just three years, CommsCon has become a critical part of the agenda for public relations and communications professionals.

This year Wieck CEO Warren Kirby will be presenting workshops on "PR Perceptions vs Media Realities" and "Brand Journalism – what are the best Digital tools for PRs in the 21st century?"

Through Wiecks' unique position as the link between the public relations industry and the media, Warren is able to offer insights from both sides of the communications coin.

"PR Perceptions vs Media Realities"

Are you a PR Agency looking to grow your service offering and increase revenue opportunities?

Then attend this session to understand how to boost billable revenue from all clients by providing multimedia and making it available online for media desperate for content.

This session will include real case studies of clients who have increased PR budgets by $200k+ per year with their agencies for new services like VNRs, vodcasts, digital photography, and more.  

"Brand Journalism – what are the best Digital tools for PRs in the 21st century?"

Are you an in-house PR looking to understand what you need to improve positive media exposure, as well as reach new audiences via smart phones and mobile devices?

Brands are now retailers of news, rather than wholesalers of info to the media – a trend best driven by in-house PRs.

This session will cover US trends in brand journalism – from content creation to social media to the culture of sharing; there will be case studies from Australia and overseas on a variety of PR campaigns, with take-out lessons on many crucial PR areas; from crisis comms to how you can leverage your story to a global digital audience.

CommsCon is on Wednesday, March 18 at Doltone House Hyde Park, 181 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

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